FAQ and Our Teachers


What is Music Together®?

• A fun family music program for parents and children ages birth – 5 years. A high quality, developmentally appropriate research-based curriculum with playful activities.

Basic Program Information:  Weekly 45-minute classes, 10-week semesters, 3 semesters per year plus a shorter summer term, Mixed-age classes of up to 12 children. 9 different Song collections that rotate over 3 years.

Class ActivitiesSinging, Rhythmic chants, like nursery rhymes; Creative movement – developmentally appropriate movements for the whole body; Rhythm Instrument play

 Do I have to sing and dance too? 

• You are your child's best teacher. Parent participation – regardless of the parents’ own ability – is essential to creating the stimulating musical environment that all children need to develop their musical intelligence.

How Does the Mixed-Age Format Work in Class?

• Early childhood educators are now recommending mixed-age groupings as a better learning environment. Older children learn from being in a leadership role, and younger children benefit from the example of an older child. Mixed-age classrooms also promote social skills and self-esteem. Siblings parents, grandparents, and caregivers can all particpate together.

I’m Not Musical. Can I Really Help My Child Develop Musical Intelligence?

• Yes! You are your child’s most important teacher. Research has shown that children learn their disposition toward music from their primary caregiver. Whether you feel you can sing or not, you are still teaching your child that music is fun and important by modeling enthusiastic participation.

Do Infants Really Benefit?

• Yes! Infants’ participation will seem passive at first, but they are actively absorbing what they are seeing hearing, and feeling. As their bodies and nervous systems mature, the infants often show progressively more complex musical responses and evidence of song recognition. In class, parents learn how to enhance their child’s music development and the paretn/child bond.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

photo Cheryl Hornstein

After attending Music Together classes as a parent for 5 years with both of my own children, it was a very natural progression to take the Music Together teacher training program and begin teaching in the summer of 2006. In the fall of 2008, I became a Certified Music Together teacher by completing Certification Level I training. I have a BA in Theater and Education and an MFA in Theater For Young Audiences.  

I have been singing with One Voice Mixed Chorus for the last 8 years. I believe my background in Musical Theater and Theater for Young Audiences enhances my teaching of Music Together classes, as both are based on experiential learning. I love making music and singing with families and I look forward to having you and your family in class.

photo Darcy Juhl

Darcy’s love of music and children began at a very young age.  As a teenager, she was one of the most popular babysitters in her small Iowa town and as soon as she aged out of Vacation Bible School, she was asked be the music director at age 13. In college she was a Speech/Theatre major with a music minor.  Currently, Darcy is a massage therapist and a nanny/childcare worker and she has been singing soprano in One Voice Mixed Chorus for 18 uninterrupted years.  She had an opportunity to attend a Music Together class with her nanny children and took the training to be a teacher the as soon as she could.  Darcy has been having a ball as a Music Together Teacher and looks forward to playing with you and your children in class.  


  Frances Durkin

Frances has been teaching Music Together for many years.  She is fluent in Spanish and will be subbing for Canta y Baila and Rhythm Kids classes.