Mixed Age

Cheryl Hornstein
Eagan Community Center (location map)
Saturday, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
01/18/20 - 03/21/20 (10 weeks)


Children ages Birth-5 with a parent or caregiver.   

Mixed-age classes include children newborn through kindergarten, and their grown-ups.  The mixed-age format is not only educationally sound but creates a family-like atmosphere where siblings can attend class together. Older children learn from being in a leadership role, while younger children benefit from the example of the older child. Children of the same age are not necessarily in the same stage of music development. A mixed-age format enables them to participate freely and experience the music at their own level, without being burdened by age-specific expectations. We try to recognize the growing competence of children ages three and up, and incorporate their leadership and social skills into our classes. 

Upcoming Meetings
02/01/20    9:30 AM Saturday 02/01/20 9:30 AM
02/08/20    9:30 AM Saturday 02/08/20 9:30 AM
02/15/20    9:30 AM Saturday 02/15/20 9:30 AM
02/22/20    9:30 AM Saturday 02/22/20 9:30 AM
02/29/20    9:30 AM Saturday 02/29/20 9:30 AM
03/07/20    9:30 AM Saturday 03/07/20 9:30 AM
03/14/20    9:30 AM Saturday 03/14/20 9:30 AM
03/21/20    9:30 AM Saturday 03/21/20 9:30 AM